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has 4 stages - 5000 m2 (53,819 sq. ft.) complex with back-lot located 22 kilometers from the Sofia city center in an area called Dolna Malina. In addition to the studio there is over 56,000 m2 (602,778 sq. ft.) of back-lot and expansion area for new exterior standing sets and new Stages.
Presently Studio 2's Back-lot has a Standing Western Town, American Town with gas station, a Medieval Village, a 15th Century Galleon Ship and an Arctic Research Station.
Plans are to build 4 more 1000 m2 Stages (10,763 sq. ft.) dedicated to Television and commercial production over the next 2 years.

Stage 1

The Largest Stage in Bulgaria has large vehicle access from 3 Elephant Doors allowing full size trucks to be brought directly onto the Stage.
Size: 1680 m2/18,084 sq. ft.
Length 56 m/ 183 ft.
Width 30m/98 ft
Height 12m/ 39 ft

Stage 2

This larger Stage has easy full size vehicle access through 2 Elephant Doors.
Size: 770 m2/7750 sq. ft.
Length 30 m/ 98 ft.
Width 24m/78 ft
Height 12m/ 39 ft

Stage 3

One of the larger special effects- syc Stages in Europe, it has full size Elephant door access from both sides to allow moving vehicles to enter and exit the Stage for green screen/ blue screen work. This Stage has been especially designed for large format special effects work based on Studio 2's over 20 years of work with digital special effects.
Size: 480 m2/5210 sq. ft.
Length 24 m/ 78 ft.
Width 20m/65 ft
Height 12m/ 39 ft
Syc Height: 12m/ 39 ft
Syc Length: 30m/98 ft

Stage 4

This Stage has a built in pool area that will allow interior water sets or the ability to flood standing sets. In addition when the pool is covered this set will allow camera operators to get under sets, at floor level without having to build raised sets.
Size: 480 m2/5210 sq. ft.
Length 24 m/ 78 ft.
Width 20m/65 ft
Height 12m/ 39 ft
Pool Length: 20m/ 65 ft
Pool Width: 17m/ 55ft.
Pool Depth: 1.20m/ 4ft


With a fully functional Saloon, hotel, church, blacksmith, livery stable and bank this is a full size western town that can easily play various periods from the early 1800's up to the early 30's with signage changes and additional props.


4 city blocks with side walks, crossings and street lights including a hotel, bar, city hall, sheriff's office, medical center and stores including a full size market. Directly annexed to the town is a gas station connected by the main road into the city center. 65% of the buildings are fully functional allowing for full interior to exterior shooting.


Village can easily play from the 10th century until more recent periods such the 17th century by making prop and set dressing adjustments.


A full size Galleon ship that plays from the 14th until the 17th century with changes in mast and set dressing. Ship has easy accessibility through the hull to allow simple actor and crew access.


Over 600 m2 (6458 sq. ft.) Antarctic Facility that is surfaced with concrete to allow easy snow coverage. The station can look like it is sitting in the middle of ice and snow- winter or summer.

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