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Offers several standing sets on its grounds. Just a ten minute walk can take you from the ancient Rome to modern day New York, the Middle East and the Orient.
Currently Studio 1 has six sound stages at your disposal. All located in and around the main building - starting from 300 sq.m to 1500 sq.m of studio space.

Stage 01 and 03

- Both stages are exactly the same in size. With a total are of 752 sq.m these are the smaller stages at our studio. Both stages have the following features:
- Wood flooring
- In-house fixed, tungsten lighting available as fill lighting packages
- Direct connection with supporting facilities

Stage 02

- Between stages 01 and stage 03 you have stage 02 with almost 1250 sq.m of total space. This stage has the following features:
- Wood flooring.
- In-house fixed lighting and multiple lighting packages.
- Direct connection with supporting facilities.

Stage 05

- Has a total area of almost 1500 sq.m and is currently the largest stage at our facility.

Stages 04 and 06

- Info and floorplans to be posted soon.
Additional Soundstages - In July 2008 we start the construction of 10 additional stages that will range from 250 sq.m to 2500 sq.m. More information will follow soon.

New York Streets

The latest addition to our backlot with more than 800 sq.m of New York City, consisting of several streets, alleys and many interior sets. It comes with a fully operational subway entrance, traffic lights, busses and cabs as well as other vehicles. All the constructions are 18 meters high and offer 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor visual shooting.


With almost 900 sq.m, Studio 1 offers one of the grandest standing Roman sets in the world. It comprises a central city square, a mini colosseum, a roman garden, narrow streets and alley's, training quarters and a variety of interiors. Productions who used this set include Spartacus, War Inc. and Roman Mysteries.


Build for War Inc. at the end of 2006, this street is still standing and usable. It has arches, practical interiors and and looks phenomenal.


Our wartime Italian set is now avilable for productions. This set is built close to sound stages 1, 2 and 3 which makes it convinient for internal shooting as well. Coupled with our extensive uniform warderobe and it can be used for almost any wartime drama.


Built in the back lot forest near the Studio, the Gulag Camp is an authentic reproduction of Stalin’s infamous labor camps. It was built as a backdrop for Peter Weir’s  feature “The Way Back”.


The Japanese Dojo set was built for the the newly released film “Ninja”. In perfect condition it is ready for the next project.


The picturesque forest is located right behind the Studio and is a perfect outdoor shooting location. It provides a range of natural settings from meadows to enchanted woods and stone rivers.


Built in Stage 8 with it's long corridors is able to be used as a Police Station, Hospital or Prison.

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